Dec. 17, 2018

Podcast Gear for the Traveling Podcaster Who Records In-Person Interviews

If you find yourself traveling, this is some great gear to record podcasts on the road.

The Recorders

If you are looking for capturing REALLY GOOD sound, with the Aphex processing, the Rodecaster Pro is a great choice. The ability to have a noise gate can be great when you're in a noisy environment. The Roadcaster Pro is so popular many people are making hard and soft cases for travel.

Another smaller choice (and less expensive) is the Zoom Podtrak P4. It is the size of a checkbook, (where the Rodecaser Pro will take up a big chunk of a book bag). The Zoom P4 has no effect and is made out of plastic (as is the Rode, but it seems a little more sturdy). 


I like the Rode Podmic if you're choosing the Rodecaser Pro as there are some built-in settings for that microphone (as they are both from Rode). 

Another great choice (for either situation) is the Sure SM58. This is THE microphone that is used on the road. As an old musician, I can say I've seen these microphones get abused and still continued to work. 

Both the Rode Podmic and the Sure SM58 are in the $100 range. 

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