Nov. 29, 2016

If You're Going to Use a Blue Yeti, Please Use it Right

The Blue Yeti is a mystery to me, and demonstrates the magic of the Internet. When podcasting was first getting started, someone made a post about it and how easy it was to just plug in the microphone directly to your computer. That is true, but the way it's designed it looks like it was meant to sit on a desk. The further away it sounds the more "room noise" you pick up. People who use this for gaming don't care, but for podcasters that is a problem. 

The Blue Yeti shock mount is expensive. If you buy the official Blue Pop filter it's even more expensive. 

You can buy a Samson Q2U and Pop Filter Shock Mount Combo, and spend around $100. (less if you opt for the windscreen instead)

Because it's more expensive and has a larger learning curve, the Blue Yeti is not a microphone I recommend.