Nov. 21, 2020

The Zoom Podtrak P4

The Swiss Army Knife of Podcasting

The new Zoom Podtrak P4 is now available. This unit is super small (about the size of a checkbook) and it:

Allows you to record up to four microphones in the same room with you.

You can record remote calls (Zoom, Squadcast, etc) via USB.

You can also plug your Phone into via a TRRS cable.

You also have four touchpads to adding jingles to play.

So you could have two people in the room with you, one person on Zoom, and a person connected via the phone.

You end up with separate tracks, a stereo mixdown.

You can run it via an outlet, USB, or batteries.

It's also the size of a checkbook and clocks in at $200.

There is also an optional BTA-2 Bluetooth option that you can add and connect your phone/iPad into the unit.